• Mappa: The future of Mobile Marketing

    We would like to introduce you to a new map based smartphone app called Mappa Mobile for retail & entertainment using innovative technology called geo-fencing. The way this works is that as one approaches a geo-fenced outlet , a geo-trigger is activated , sending a notification with a user defined message (say ‘M&S: 25% discount on men ‘s clothes’ or ‘Cafe Cuba: can’t think of a better place to chill out’ etc etc) plus showing the location of the said outlet viz a viz one’s current position.

    This pretty much revolutionises the way mobile apps interact with the user today, introducing a much more proactive method on how to get the message across to the customer.

    Mappa Mobile will also have a number of other facets other than Retail and Entertainment such as News & Events, Community plus Traffic and Beach alerts to draw users making it an indispensable tool to have. The foundation for all of this is the host website, www.mappa.com.mt, wherein we have introduced the concept of a Malta Community Map, ie a map for all things Malta.

    Mappa.com.mt is a map based portal replete with local info and offering the best in GIS technology to its users. Mappa.com.mt will combine info re shops, hotels, restaurants, events, local news, environment, amenities, traffic, beaches etc all in one multi layered view. Other functionality will include buffering, heat maps, advanced filtering making all this a feature and info rich portal that will be a must for large number of viewers. Our initial success on the Times of Malta 2013 Elections resulted in over 80K hits in 3 days. We expect mappa.com.mt to be equally successful!

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