• DvGEO is an ArcGIS technology based solution integrating to DvTDM’s technical document management and offering users a robust, location-based data management application. Running on ArcGIS Server it provides all the capabilities of a rich web GIS interface, while fully integrating with DvTDM’s extensive set of technical document management tools; workflow, check in/out, advanced search, Advanced Viewer to name a few.

    DvGEO delivers an intuitive, map-based, enterprise wide Document, Drawing & Asset Management System, all in a single, highly-extensible interface.

    • A rich GIS interface with selection and buffering capabilities.
    • Real time integration filtering between documents.
    • Bi-directional selection and zoom to functionality.
    • Integration with Dv TDM, and integration capabilities with other enterprise applications, such as your ERP, EAM, CRM, or other EDMS packages.
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