• Business Mapper is a web based application, replete with local data for software and data as a service. This subscription based system offers real time data analysis in multi layered views complete with routing and temporal (time slider) views.

    The information uniquely collated in Business Mapper allows for street level demographics based on low level market segmentation and with businesses mapped out; clients and non.

  • bsn analytic

  • bsn

  • Business Mapper also offers integration to in house enterprise systems for actual data analysis in real time complete with chart based graphic representations.

    Business Mapper is the game changer you’ve been waiting for.


  • Esri Location Analytics makes it easy to geo-enable your business data with intuitive mapping and analytical tools.

    You will quickly discover new patterns and answers to any business challenge and effortlessly share your insights across the organization for greater collaboration.

    Watch the video: Your Data Made Smarter